Best Bar in Udaipur

With Great Beer, It's All In The Rocks

Work hard. Play hard. Feel like a family. Act like friends. Love life and everything you do to make it more fun for others. Stay happy and healthy. Enjoy yourself. And smile, because there are a lot of good things waiting for you.

Brewz Rock Cafe, Udaipur's best lounge & bar believes in making you ‘Get High to touch the Sky’ for a reason well ahead of its validity. Created with a vision to make its customers have the time of their lives.

Every place comes with its own personality. Some places demand you to be elegant, some demand to be casual, while others demand you to be chilled out. But have you ever wondered if there is a place that can let you be ‘The Real You’ without any pretense? Brewz Rock Cafe, Udaipur is a place that wants you to drop all your defenses and find out ‘Who’s The Real You’ .